Not or well Ashamed of the gospel and admitting to be a God loving person

Belgian Ecclesia Brussel - Leuven

With all the terror attacks and with so many criticising religion lots of people are really getting afraid to tell others that they honestly believe in God and read the Bible regularly.

God loving people are already a rarity.  But having them hide will not help to get others coming to God.

In these time were the world is much more confronted with agony, hatred and when we nearly every day hear about fighting here and there, and terrorist acts, we should know it is even more important to be sure of what you believe and where do you want to go for.

ISIS militants attack church in Normandy, France ISIS militants attack church in Normandy, France. (photo credit:Reuters)

Lots of people are ashamed of the gospel and lots of people are not keen on talking about the gospel, God and His commandments.  These days it also looks like many people do have problems…

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