The Purpose of Creation

Bible Truth & Prophecy

Genesis 1:26

This verse clearly sets out God’s purpose for man and woman.   It involves how we are created, and the scope of our responsibility.


”GOD said, Let us…”

The word for God here (Hebrew “elohim”) is referring to the Creator Himself because “God said” occurs 10 times in the creation record, consistently identified by singular pronouns (he, his, I or him occur 16 times). In verse 26, God, the One who intervenes by His agents, is speaking to the angels, who assisted in creation.  It was God’s initiative to create man in His image (verse 27). “Elohim” is translated God more than 2300 times  In addition, it is used about 250 times, mostly of false gods (in the plural – see footnote *)

Examples of translation:

“Thou shalt have no other gods Deuteronomy 5:7
“The LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” 1 Kings 18:36

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