Latest News & PROPHECY Britain Threatens EU Exit 23-06-2015 Britain Threatens EU Exit Over 3 Little Words in Treaty By STEPHEN CASTLE JUNE 23, 2015

Latest News & PROPHECY
Britain Threatens EU Exit 23-06-2015
Britain Threatens EU Exit Over 3 Little Words in Treaty
Prime Minister David Cameron has promised Britain a 'better deal'
Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain has promised to secure a “better deal” from the European Union before holding a referendum by the end of 2017 on whether to drop out. Credit Srdjan Zivulovic/Reuters
LONDON — As an agglomeration of about 500 million people who speak at least two dozen tongues, the European Unionis no stranger to disputes over language.
Yet three short words could determine whether it faces perhaps the biggest rift in its history.
Fresh from its struggles to contain the crisis over Greece, the European Unionis seeking to head off the threat of a British exit from the bloc, a move that would reverse decades of progress in knitting its members closer together.
As part of its price for staying, Britainwants an end to a pledge, written into treaties and held dear by advocates of European integration, to strive for an “ever closer union.”
The change is one of the central demands of Prime Minister David Cameron, who has promised to secure a “better deal” for Britain before holding a referendum by the end of 2017 on whether to drop out of the European Union.
Mr. Cameron was to discuss his wish list of changes with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany in Berlin on Wednesday, and with other European Union leaders at a summit meeting in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.
But experts say that the commitment to an “ever closer union” would be hard to expunge from the union’s main treaty, and that it has no legal force anyway.
Among critics of the European Union in Mr. Cameron’s Conservative Party, there is considerable pressure to force a change in that stated European goal, which they see as an affront to national sovereignty.
Speaking in Parliament this month, Liam Fox, a former defense secretary, described the term as “the one thing with the European Union with which I have the greatest problem.”
“I do not believe in ever closer union,” he said, “because for me, the logical endpoint of ever closer union is union, and I do not want to lose our status as a sovereign, independent nation.”
With ‘Closer Union’ being one of the British key reasons for seeking a better deal and with the Germans and French seeing this as the main benefit of the EU, Britain will fail to gain any acceptable change to the treaty that would allow the British people to vote to stay in. 
So Britain is destined to leave.  This is consistent with Bible Prophecy spoken over 2000 years ago that foretold that Europe would become a UNITED STATES of Europe with Catholicism as it’s religion and with Russia as a close friend or as the Prophet Ezekiel says “a guard unto them” ie. to the EU.  So Russia and Europe will yet draw closer, most likely after Britain leaves.  And that this closer relationship some how results in Russia becoming a military guard to the EU, an arrangement that will lead to a Russian lead invasion of the Middle East with the EU countries joining in.
So the fact remains that Britain will leave the European Union, and the European Union will form an even closer UNION to be a UNITED STATES of EUROPE with Russia as it’s close friend according to Bible Prophecy.

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